About Max

Max is an active freelance writer, scriptwriter, children's author and illustrator from Baltimore, Maryland.

A versatile creator he aims for eclectic, inclusive and atmospheric work.  Refashioning influences across various mediums with humor and wit, he wishes to create lasting content for all ages.




Children's Picture Books

As author:

2014 - Ben Franklin & the Kiteboard (Farfaria.com)


July/Aug 2016 - “Once & Future Kings” Horticulture Magazine

Sep/Oct 2016 - “Plant Spotlight: Aromatic Aster” The American Gardener

Nov/Dec 2016 - “Ericaceous Treasures” Horticulture Magazine

July/Aug 2017 - “Yesterday’s Dahlias” Horticulture Magazine


2010- Snow in a China Shop. One-act ghost story. Staged Reading performed Goucher College. (Fall/Winter 2010)

2010 - A Special Morning Broadcast, radio play w/ singing. (Winter 2010)

2011 - After the Assignment of Psyche - micro-play following Cupid crashing into an orchard. (Spring 2011)

2011 – An Adaptation of J.D. Salinger’s Teddy, one-act adaptation of J.D. Salinger’s short story ‘Teddy’ from 9 Stories. Excerpted reading, Goucher College. (April 2011)

2013 - Whilst The Prince Sleeps, one act set of vignettes deconstructing the Cinderella narrative.

2015 – The Pot of Marjoram, 3-act musical comedy and pastiche of Shakespeare and Restoration Era comedies based on an Italian folktale from Milan. 

2015 - Nightfall, Venice , silent ballet and pantomime set to the music of Raymond Scott.


2016 - Under The Well, 1920’s set coming of age fantasy-horror adventure.

Graphic Novels/Comics

As author & colorist:

2012-2018 - Batgirl Incorporated , original fancomic series of DC Comic's Batman Family characters with artist Yulyn Chen.